Who Am I?

 [A picture of Tim] Here are the basics. My name is Timothy Barmann. I am a dad, husband, gardener, photographer, programmer and computer columnist. I work at the Providence Journal-Bulletin, the largest daily newspaper in the smallest state, Rhode Island. From 1988 until 1996, I worked as a photojournalist at the newspaper. A couple years back I switched to writing for a change of pace.

Before coming to the East Coast, I was a photographer at the Plain Dealer (in my hometown of Cleveland). I've also worked as a stringer for United Press International, and on the West Coast as a staff photographer intern at the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury News.

Building this Web site is a perfect way for me to combine several of my interests -- photojournalism, computer writing and programming.

I majored in photojournalism at Kent State University in Ohio. (No, I wasn't there when the shootings happened in 1970.)

I caught the computer bug way back in high school, where I learned BASIC on a Radio Shack TRS-80, with 4K of memory. I learned Z80 assembly language programming from a book, and went on to learn Fortran (which I quickly forgot), Pascal (fading fast) and finally C. My shareware programs, some of which are available elsewhere on this site, were written in C with Turbo C++ for DOS, for anyone who's interested. And yes, people really do register shareware!

One of my shareware programs, Reformat, has been included with 99 other programs in Bantam Book's DOS 6 Power Tools. I continue to work at nights on my most popular program, HTMLCAL, which makes Web page calendars. That seems to swallow most of my free time at home. I continue to be amazed that one can run a small business completely throught the Internet.

My introduction to the Net came through a local bulletin board that carried a number of Usenet newsgroups several years ago. It soon became clear what a fantastic resource it was after I gleaned tons of help from dozens of generous programmers in the comp.lang.c forum. I have been hooked ever since.

Thanks for stopping by.