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November 12, 1995

Where to find more
information about ISDN

By Timothy C. Barmann

Setting up your computer for ISDN is not for the technically challenged. It's a lot more complicated than plugging a modem into a phone jack. Here are some resources to learn more about what it entails:

``Frequently Asked Questions'' (FAQ) by John Kohl is a comprehensive attempt to answer questions specific to ISDN home service in Massachusetts. Much of it applies to Rhode Island, since NYNEX serves both states. It's on the Web at http://www.atria.com/People/jtk/ISDN.html.

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page: http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/dank/isdn/. A master catalog to ISDN information found on the Internet.

ISDN for Dummies by David Angell ($19.99, IDG Books Worldwide) is an excellent resource once you've decided to take the ISDN plunge. The author has posted a description of the book and its table of contents on the Web at http://angell.com/isdnfd.html.

Pacific Bell's Web site has a helpful and detailed primer on ISDN at http://www.pacbell.com/isdn/book/toc.html Some of the information is specific to California, but much can of it can be applied here.

NYNEX Data Services Group in Boston: 800-650-4736. They can send you an introductory document that has rates for Rhode Island. For ISDN availability, call 800-438-4736.

The Consumer Project on Technology, founded by Ralph Nader this past spring, reports on ISDN pricing by telephone companies nationwide. Its Web address is http://www.essential.org/cpt/cpt.html.

Internet access providers

To order an ISDN line to connect to the Internet, the best way is through an Internet access provider, rather than NYNEX directly.

Intelecom Data Systems of East Greenwich (885-6855) pioneered ISDN Internet service in Rhode Island over a year ago. IDS offers local ISDN service to those who can call Providence, East Greenwich and by year's end, Newport. ISDN service begins at about $25 a month.

BusinessOn of Warwick (941-9795) has service in the Warwick area at $30 a month for unlimited dial-up access.

Kersur Technologies of Milford, Mass., (508-478-0527) offers ISDN service to several nearby Massachusetts towns. Among them are North Attleboro, Plainville, Blackstone, Bellingham and South Bellingham. Call for price quotes.

UltraNet Communications of Marlborough, Mass. (508-229-8400) offers dedicated ISDN service to the East Providence area, and plans to offer dial-up service by year's end. Call for price quotes.