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September 17, 1995

Almond answers
our digital mail

By Timothy C. Barmann

I decided to see if the e-mail connection really works, so I sent some questions to the governor. Here they are, with his replies:

Q: What's the purpose of the governor being online?

A: Access, Access, Access! I have made a commitment to stay in touch with the Citizens of Rhode Island. To that end, I can be reached by mail, phone, fax, TTY, and now E-mail. In addition, it is another way for my office to provide information to the public.

Q: Have extra staffers been hired to help out with this electronic endeavor?

A: No. Responsibilities for this new endeavor are handled by my Office of Constituent Affairs, headed by director David Darlington, and my Office of Communications, directed by Jim Taricani. They have rearranged their schedules and existing staff to accommodate the on-line areas. No future hires are planned for this purpose.

Q: How long should people expect to wait before getting a response from you or your office from their e-mail inquiries? Will their responses be sent by e-mail?

A: My Office of Constituent Affairs has already begun to respond to many of the inquiries we have received. In some cases, an initial letter acknowledging our receipt of their correspondence and along with our commitment to respond to their specific request in the next few weeks was sent. Turn-around-time for future comments will range from 24 hours to ten days, depending on complexity. All replies will be electronic.

Q: Are you an Internet surfer yourself?

A: This is my first venture onto the Internet. I hope to someday have the time to learn about and experience all the Internet has to offer.

Q: Rumor has it that you are considering changing your name from Linc to Link to help promote your new area on Horizons. Any truth to that?

A: No. The rumor I heard was that Horizons was going to change their spelling of the word Link to Linc to help promote Horizons.

Q: And finally, how tall are you really?

A: 6'6".

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