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September 3, 1995

More local
Internet access

By Timothy C. Barmann

Rhode Island now has a seventh locally based Internet access provider. The Internet Access Co. of Bedford, Mass., has a Providence number that supports modem connections up to 28.8 K bps. The company also offers live 24- hour technical support.

TIAC has been offering Internet service to greater Boston since January 1994. It has since expanded its service to New York City, New Hampshire, Connecticut and now Rhode Island. It was voted Best Internet Server in the Best of Boston 95 contest by Boston Magazine.

Rates: A "regular" SLIP account, which includes up to 100 hours of connect time, is $29. The 300-hour account is $49 per month. There is a one- time setup fee of $20. For more information, call (401) 453-0424 (voice), send e-mail to info@tiac.net or see the company's Web site at http://www.tiac.net/.