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August 11, 1996

Local Web site provides
TWA crash information

By Timothy C. Barmann

A local Internet provider has set up a Web site with information on the TWA 747 jet that crashed last month off Long Island.

The site was put together by Mike Hall and Angus Davis of InteleCom Data Systems of East Greenwich to "act as an outlet for Rhode Islanders interested in helping those families and communities hurt most by the tragic crash," says the Web site.

The site has the address of a memorial fund where people can send money. It lists local relief agencies who are accepting donations to help families of the victims.

There's also a host of links to other information sites about the crash, including national news stories, a passenger list, and a radio address by President Clinton about the tragedy.

The address is http://flight800.ids.net/.

On the Web

Death, taxes and standing in line at the auto registry are certainties most of us count on. But residents of Massachusetts have been given a reprieve, at least on the last count.

Last Monday, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles began offering some of its services over the Internet. Instead of waiting in line, Massachusetts residents can now renew auto registrations or pay fines from their home computer.

The new service is available through the registry's World Wide Web site, at http://www.state.ma.us/rmv/.

Massachusetts is the first state to offer registry transactions online, according to Jerold A. Gnazzo, Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

"Our goal is never to have to see a customer again," said Aubrey Haznar, public relations director at the RMV.

Are there similar plans for Rhode Island's division of motor vehicles?

"Today, no. But tomorrow, who knows," said Elaine Phillips, assistant administrator for motor vehicles.

The department will eventually have access to the Internet, but she's not sure yet how it will be used, she said.

The Massachusetts registry has plans to add more features. In the fall, drivers will be able to order vanity and specialty plates, said Hazner.

If there's a way to move all of the registry's transactions to the Web, they'll try it, he said.

"We still haven figured out how to give the eye exam over the World Wide Web, but we're working on it."

Computer calendar

Saturday -- AS220 will hold a Classic Video Games Expo at 12 noon, at 115 Empire St., Providence. Besides some presentations, several older video games will be on display. It's free. For more information, see AS220's Web site at http://users.ids.net/~as220/classic_games.html or send e-mail to as220@ids.net.

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