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June 25, 1995

Genealogical resources
available for computer users

By Timothy C. Barmann

There are many resources, both local and online, to help you use your computer to trace your family history.

The Woonsocket-based American-French Genealogical Society, among other things, helps members learn how computers can help them in their research. Contact the group's Internet liaison, Robert L. Edwards, via e-mail at ad779@osfn.rhilinet.gov or call the society at 765-6141.

A great source of basic information on Internet resources is the file of "Frequently asked Questions" (or FAQ) for the genealogy newsgroups. It's available on the World Wide Web at http:// ftp.cac.psu.edu/~saw/soc.genealogy.misc.html.

To subscribe to the Internet ROOTS-L list, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu. In the body of the message, type SUB ROOTS-L Firstname Lastname (substituting your name).

There are several Usenet newsgroups under the "soc.genealogy" hierarchy including: computing, French, German, Jewish, Misc. and Surnames. Internet newsgroups are accessible through most of the online services, through Internet access providers and via some local bulletin boards. Many of these newsgroups are also available by e-mail (the above FAQ file explains how).

The three major online services have genealogy forums. On America Online, use keyword: Genealogy. On CompuServe, GO ROOTS and GO TRACE. On Prodigy, JUMP Genealogy.